an international consortium to find a cure for gliomas


An International Consortium

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"Consortium for preclinical anticancer drug evaluation and early clinical trials for glioma treatment"



The consortium was formed in 2010 in an effort to speed research to find a cure of gliomas by pooling the resources of several investigators from different research centers.


Preclinical screening of anticancer drugs is an important stage of drug development usually performed in cell lines and animal models. When promising anticancers drug candidates are identified, the drug enter clinical trials but unfortunately, few of them pass the bottleneck at the Clinical Trial/Clinical Use transition and are approved for clinical use. At present, for gliomas,  the few available drugs approved for clinical use showed limited benefit because they only modestly prolong the survival of patients.


Due to the heterogeneous nature of glioma screening of potential useful anticancer drugs will require the identification of "pankiller" drugs. The activity against glioma cells of any potential "pankiller" need to be tested in different clinically relevant cell lines as well as in different animal models. In addition, the antiproliferative effect on cell lines should be tested under different culture conditions resembling as possible  in vivo conditions.

This consortium for preclinical drug screening for glioma treatment was created in order to:

1) Facilitate the exchange of information between different research groups.

2) Share resources.

3) Collaborate in specific projects, including basic research of interest for a particular group

4) Organize meetings and symposiums to ser common directions